It's not a party thing, it's a people thing


Online Voter Registration

Check your voter registration status and update your information directly from the app. We’ll let you know when things go out of date or when an election is coming.

Never Forget an Election

civicd will run in the background and notify you when you are near an eligible polling place during election season so you never forget to vote! We’ll even make sure it’s added to your calendar.

Get Paid

We are going to learn a lot about you as a result of using civicd. We’ll get to know your feelings on bills, the types of politics you follow, polling and more. We will let you know exactly what we’re collecting and enable you to monetize it.

Auto Donate to Candidates

If a candidate has an active campaign profile on civicd you can allocate a percentage of your earnings to their campaign and we’ll take care of the transaction for you!

No Fake News, No Bias

We only deliver the facts, no comments, no opinions. Participate in polls if you’re a verified user and we’ll reveal how the voters in your district feel about the same issues. Rate your politicians and if they have claimed their profile, we will show them how their constituents grade them.

Understand Congress

Highlight text you don’t know and our chatbot will break it down for you like you’re five! We help you communicate opinions with your elected officials with custom prompts that increase the chance of a response from them.



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As soon as its available let me know...and who ever thought of that app tell them I said thank you!!

This is awesome. Great idea! I feel like virtually no one follows this stuff, so making it easily accessible is a great first step!

This is great! Makes the democratic process understandable for constituents.

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